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What is Pinterest marketing? When an online entrepreneur tries to awaken interest in his business and come to the fore using the Pinterest platform. Pinterest marketing is like a tool to get your business flourishing.
Pinterest Marketing is not just a blogger tool but is suitable for any business whose goal is to get more audience by utilizing visual platforms. Pinterest as a marketing tool drives natural traffic back to your website and helps to increase the overall awareness of your brand or business.



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What is Pinterest marketing
What is Pinterest marketing

What is Pinterest Marketing in practice?


If you want to use Pinterest for marketing your online business, you will then promote your services or products on Pinterest by pinning images from your website to Pinterest. To do this, you create Pinterest-friendly photos or images that you place with your articles or pages on your website and pin to Pinterest from there. When people click on your pin, they immediately go to the page where that image is. You can also create and publish Pins from the Pinterest Platform and include your website URL in Pins.




What are your goals on Pinterest?



Pinterest can bring you a lot of extra visitors to your website. By sharing attractive Pins, people click through to your website. So what? Make sure you also know what you want these visitors to do and have a system for this. Because what good is it too many visitors if no one signs up for your newsletter or ever becomes a customer with you?

So first, consider what your goal is with Pinterest. Do you want to build more brand awareness, more visitors to your website, or sell more products? And then consider how Pinterest can help you with that. Do you want to build a mailing list? Then post a giveaway in an interesting article so that people who come to your blog via Pinterest sign up for your newsletter.




1. Create a business account



If you want to use Pinterest marketing, you need a business Pinterest account. With a business Pinterest account, you get statistics and insight into which pins are doing well. Also, verify your website to get this information about the number of visitors who click through your website. And claim your website, so Pinterest knows you are trustworthy and your Pins are shown more often.

Fill in all the information in your profile so that people immediately know who you are, what you have to offer, and for whom. Use keywords so that the right people find you. Use a profile photo to make it more personal and optionally add a call to action so people can sign up for a giveaway right away.

Create A Business Account




2. Use the right keywords



Make sure you are visible and findable on Pinterest. You can still share such crazy Pins that link to valuable blogs, but if no one sees them, you’re not going to pay off. How do you do that? Just a nice picture is not enough. Pinterest is a visual platform and a kind of search engine, so it’s important to use keywords.


Keywords are the essential thing on Pinterest. People look for tips and ideas here. So do you want to be found? Then pay attention to these keywords. What words do you want to be found on? What words are your ideal customers looking for? Do you have any idea? Then let Pinterest help you find the right keywords. Then use these words in your profile, your board description, and your pin descriptions. Here you can find more information about keyword search on Pinterest



3. Be consistent


Consistency is vital for all your marketing communications, also on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how much you pin, but it does matter that you do it consistently. Pinterest rewards active users by recommending them and ranking them better in the feed. It means that Pinterest will show active user’s Pins more often.

You can’t spend 10 minutes a week on Pinterest and expect to get a lot of traffic and followers. For that, you have to be active yourself and regularly add Pins and repin the images of others. That’s why I use Tailwind myself to lend a hand. It allows me to schedule almost all my Pins weeks in advance. Tailwind is a planning platform for creating and scheduling Pins, and it also offers analytic data of you performing on Pinterest.


With this link, you can try Tailwind for a month for free.



4. Create valuable content


Share content that is of interest to your ideal customers. It’s not so much about what interests you, but what are your ideal customers looking for? Create boards for that and share Pins about that content. Then share beautiful vertical images with tantalizing text on them. Pins that are related to your offer.


Don’t just share your content, but also repin Pins from others. That may seem contradictory if you want to attract more visitors. But it is precisely by sharing Pins from others (that are of interest to your target group) that you attract more people to your profile. As a result, they automatically discover your content.






5. Use Pinterest group boards


Group boards are boards on which you place images with several people. Why are Pinterest group boards this powerful? If you only have 100 followers yourself, not that many people will see your Pins. But what if you pin your images to a group board with 2000 followers? Then you reach a lot more people!


Join group boards that share the same niche as you to reach the right people, people interested in the tips and inspiration you share. Preferably choose boards with many followers and as few contributors (pinners) as possible so that your pins are not immediately showed under by the number of new pins on such a board.


6. Measuring is knowing




See which Pins are doing well and driving traffic to your website by checking your stats. With a Pinterest business account, you have access to Pinterest’s statistics itself. But you can also use Google Analytics for that.

Go to your Google Analytics account and then look at Acquisition> Social> Overview> Pinterest. Check out your top 5. What do these Pins have in common? Are they all about the same topic? Do they have the same look? Or are it certain keywords that you use? If you know why these Pins score well, you can make more of these Pins.



7. Follow up


Pinterest marketing can therefore generate more traffic to your website. But is there any sense to send many visitors to your website if nothing else happens?

You would like these people to come back more often and preferably that they also become your customer. That is why just having a Pinterest account and sharing beautiful images is not enough.

Make sure you have a good converting website. Take people by the hand when they come to your website and make sure they take the following steps. Tempt them to click through to other articles and sign up for your newsletter. It allows you to stay in touch with your potential customers and build trust. So think about what you want to achieve as soon as visitors come to your website via Pinterest. You need a plan and system for that, otherwise, your visitors aren’t any yours.




8. Making website Pinterest friendly


Make your website Pinterest-friendly. That means you add vertical images to your blog posts and on your pages. Images that you and others can pin to Pinterest. Also, adjust the alt text as it will appear as a description when people pin an image from your website. Also, use clear titles with your articles because they appear below the pins in the bright feed.

Also, make it as easy as possible to share these images by adding a pin button. There are all kinds of plugins for this. As soon as you put an article online, you also share the pin of that article on Pinterest. And of course, you don’t stop there. That pin will also repin yourself to your other boards and the group boards.



About What is Pinterest Marketing


In this article, I’ve told what Pinterest marketing is in general. If you have just started or intended to start an online business, you need more detailed information and training. Affiliate marketing is the most common method to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.


You can learn more about affiliate marketing by reading my blog about it.

I highly recommend a professional affiliate training platform, Wealthy AffiliateIt offers all the needed tools to take over affiliate marketing.


When you know the principles of affiliate marketing and blogging, you can exploit the knowledge on Pinterest. You can include your website URL links in your Pins that guide your followers to your site. You write blogs about things you’re fancy about and promote products or services near to your interest. You add affiliate links on your blogs and get commissions from merchants when your visitors click the affiliate links. That’s how you can leverage affiliate marketing on Pinterest.



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