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I’ve done this resource page to give feedback if you are interested in the tools that I have used to create my blog and create business planning and profit-making. 

Whether you’re a new blogger or/and an online marketer, I sincerely hope that this list of valuable tools will help you go forward.

Disclosure: Please note that this page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you choose to purchase. Also, please understand that I only recommend products that I genuinely believe will benefit you. Whether or not I earn a commission, these are products I would still recommend. There isn’t anything on this page that I haven’t tried and or personally verified.

With your support, Overall, your interest and support are what keeps this blog up and running! Thank you so much! 







In successful Pinterest marketing, the content of your blog is of great importance. Since your blog is the most crucial tool for your online business, you must ensure its functionality, safety, and speed in all conditions. Therefore, you need a quality hosting platform to set up your website.

I’ve experienced one well-known hosting company that gives several hosting options for both starters and more advanced marketers. So do not resort to free alternatives in this matter that do not guarantee the website’s functionality as required by your business. My recommendation is BLUEHOST

This web hosting company makes starting a blog effortless with their 1-click WordPress install button. Not to mention, their 24/7 customer support is phenomenal. Based on my experience so far, I never had to wait for the next customer rep, and they always resolved my issues on the spot.

You can check out Bluehost’s hosting plans and prices through this link. All of them include, for example, 1-year free domain name. The cheapest monthly fee at the moment is $3.95/month in a 36-month term.




Tailwind has functional systems for Pin creation and automated Pin scheduling. When you transfer a few photos of your own to the Pin creator, it establishes dozens of different Pin images to choose the best.  The only thing you have to do is add a Pin description.



The automated Pin scheduling schedules your Pin drafts established in the best possible time and time queue that can be even several weeks ahead. When you combine the Tailwind Pin Creator and Pin Scheduling, you can establish hundreds of Pins for a specified period of up to an hour.


You can imagine what a tool this is to getting traffic to your account very effectively. If you use Pinterest for your business, automated design systems give you a vantage to get your business flourishing.


Tailwind offers a free one-month trial, and I highly recommend you to explore its potential.



Wealthy Affiliate:



If you’re a blogger and use Pinterest to get traffic to your site and try to utilize the traffic to make money, I’ll tell few things about my money-making method. I’m an affiliate marketer and link my Pinterest Pins to my affiliate blogs. I promote different products through affiliate programs and get commissions using affiliate links on my site. That’s a great, straightforward online business, easy to start, and affordable to incorporate.


For years, I’ve found that Pinterest marketing is an effective traffic generator for my business. Lately, it has become even more effective than Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it’s incredible.  I will explain that combining blogging, affiliate marketing, and Pinterest marketing is a hell of a making-money combination.


Joining Affiliate Programs is free, and when you’re accepted into an Affiliate Program, you get your affiliate links to put on your content. Affiliate commissions vary from 5-90% of the product’s price, and there’s no need to pay any additional cost to the merchant. If you’re interested in getting professional step-by-step affiliate marketing training, 

my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. You can start a free trial through my link.