PINTEREST FOR BEGINNERS | How To Start Pin Marketing


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Pinterest For Beginners
Pinterest For Beginners

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There are a massive amount of new bloggers coming up into online marketing on Pinterest. Pinterest for beginners article tries to give the essential tools to start Pinterest marketing successfully. I’m going to describe the most essential steps for a good start with Pinterest.

Are you an entrepreneur, and do you have a webshop, a blog, or are you selling a service? Do you want to get started with Pinterest but not sure where to start? The fact that you are reading this article means that you are interested in using Pinterest for your business. Great that you want to start with this! You’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you can read Pinterest tips for beginners. This way, you can make a good start on this great platform!





Pinterest is becoming more popular


The possibilities are endless, and the chances are great! A lot is possible for companies on Pinterest. Think of more traffic, greater brand awareness, and higher conversions. Pinterest is growing enormously. With more than 400 million users around the world, your ideal customer is undoubtedly present on Pinterest.


How will you start with Pinterest? Follow these steps:


Business Pinterest account


The very first step to tremendous success and results with Pinterest is by using a business account.

With a business account, you can link your website, pins are better found and distributed. And you also gain insight into statistics.

Do you want to create a Pinterest business account, or do you already have a private account on Pinterest, and do you want to convert it to a Pinterest business account? Through this link, you come to all Pinterest information about how to create a business account.



Claim website on Pinterest


Claiming your website is very important to ensure that people find your pins properly. It means that you are the verified owner of the website. If the claim is successful, you can see this by a globe image in front of the URL.  Here’s the link.





The advantages of The Business account


Pinterest Business account includes several enhanced features, and that’s why I highly recommend that you set up the business account.

Here are a few crucial issues to notice:

Analytics – you can notice what Pins work well and which doesn’t

It’s essential for improving your traffic and content strategies through the statics analysis.

Rich pins – giving you enhanced visibility of your content in the home feed. You’re higher in the searches because of reliability.

Advertising – using the Business account, it’s often cheaper to advertise on Pinterest than on other social media platforms, and it’s really worth trying.




Profile settings of a Pinterest account


Fill in all the necessary information. That’s the basis of all Pinterest tips for beginners. Spend time on this.

Provide a professional look and feel. It all starts with the use of a logo, corporate identity, and language.

Profile picture / logo

Company Name

Change username – URL

Bio – write a piece of text about who you are and what you do.

Link with other channels – if you also want to share content from Instagram or YouTube, for example, you can link it here. You can also connect your Pinterest account if you have an Etsy shop. This is professional, and you will see your profile picture with every pin!


Activate Rich Pins


This is a technical thing. Are you stuck? Ask your web developer, hosting company, or a good friend who can do this! Click here for more info about rich pins on Pinterest.


Create boards for Pinterest


Create boards that suit your business. Boards are the “folders” in which you will store all Pins. They bring structure to your account.

Create 10 to 15 if you are just starting with Pinterest. More is also allowed as long as it remains relevant and suits your company. Think of the products you sell, which categories do you have in your webshop. What kind of blogs do you write. What topics do you know a lot about and can you share a lot about? What do your customers look for and create the right boards for it?


Make your website Pinterest-proof


Can people see that you are active on Pinterest? Is there a follow button? Depending on which platform you use: WordPress, Shopify, mywebstore, or something else, you can add into your site follow buttons and pin buttons. Check with your hosting party what is possible and add these options to your website. That way, people can not only visit your website from Pinterest but also pin from your website!


Make Pinterest proof images


Create pins that make people curious about your products, your service and/or blog! Pin several images from your website every day. Think of different types of content.

– Blog posts

– Products

– Category pages

– Subscribe to the newsletter

If you pin from your website, Pinterest will immediately take your URL with the image. Then select the board in which you want to add the pin. This way, this pin will always be linked to that URL.


Pinterest For Beginners




The most important thing for beginner bloggers on Pinterest is the passion for writing blog content. The passion comes true when you write about something you’re sincerely interested in and love to write about. Please don’t take this too seriously. I don’t mean that you have to be an author, not at all. It’s enough when your writing style is personal, natural, and honest. The other crucial thing is giving answers to what you’re visitors are waiting for.

That’s the key to get visitors committed and coming to your site again and again.

To ensure that your website is up and running without any interruptions and delays and the security and site speed are in order, you need a competent hosting provider. My recommendation is Bluehost. There are several hosting plan options depending on your needs. When you need just one site, you can start your blog as low as $3.27 per month plus get a FREE DOMAIN  for a year (36-month plan). You can check out all the plans and choose the one that matches best your needs through this link.


Disclosure: Please note that this page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you choose to purchase. 





Creating Pins, Scheduling Pins, Joining Pinterest Groups


After you’ve worked with your blogging and created at least 5 blog posts, you can start active marketing on Pinterest. You can Pin images straight from your website or make new fresh Pins and connect them with your site’s URL.


You get great help for creating Pins from platforms like Canva and Tailwind. Tailwind platform service helps Pinterest users create Pins, scheduling Pins, and give statistics of your Pinterest activity. Tailwind gives you generous support to get your Pinterest marketing rolling. Tailwind offers a free one-month trial to explore what possibilities it includes. You can explore Tailwind through this link.


I hope I’ve told you something crucial to help you get the most out of blogging and online marketing on Pinterest. It is essential to make contact with other marketers. When you join Pinterest groups and Tailwind tribes, you get valuable information about others’ activities and learn from them for your own Pinterest business.

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