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When you think of making money online, you probably don’t immediately think of Pinterest. Passive income on the Pinterest is becoming more attempting because the power of Pinterest, as the fastest growing website ever, is underestimated. I will talk about how you can use social networks, especially Pinterest to earn money.









Pinterest acts as a pinboard. You can ‘pin’ images, videos, and articles that you find on the internet to eventually create a classified board with a nice collection of images and articles. For example, the classified boards may seem like this:  Pinterest For Bloggers, How To Create Pinterest Pins, Affiliate marketing On Pinterest.


You can add a description for each pin. These classified boards are public and can be shared and followed by other users. You can also ‘repin’ images or articles from other users. Then you place someone else’s pin on your own classified board.



Do you have a passion, and do you want to share it with others?  Surely, Pinterest is a great place to inspire people.

Do you have your own company, webshop, or blog? Then Pinterest is a great option to get people to your website.

Own business/blog or not, you can make money on Pinterest with both options.

Consider in advance whether Pinterest is the right platform for you.



Whatever your interest or passion is, you can post great pictures and articles on Pinterest. If you like bookkeeping, keep in mind that it’s less popular than a  board about the latest fashion trends. It’s a fact that all the interests and passion aren’t popular on Pinterest. Suppose you aim to make money on Pinterest. In that case, you have to find an issue that is popular enough to get many followers on Pinterest and bring plenty of visitors to your blog.



Ask yourself if it is worth it for your business or your passion for being active on Pinterest. Like any other social media channel, it is crucial that you regularly post content to keep your followers happy and get more exposure. It takes time.



It’s essential to make some inquiry before you start on Pinterest

Do keyword research on Pinterest to see any demand for your interests, passion, or work. It is simple: enter your topic in the Pinterest search bar and see how many boards exist about your topic and how many followers these boards have. This way, you can quickly see whether you want to invest your valuable time on Pinterest.







The first step you should take is to create an account on Pinterest. It is free and easy. Add a photo (of yourself or your logo) to your profile. Then people know whom they are dealing with. That always works well. Pinterest also asks you to share a bit about yourself or your company.


Take advantage of this! Write briefly but to the point about how you can make people’s lives better with your Pins and boards.


Once you have created a profile, you can start pinning. You can add your own written articles or images from your own files, but you can also pin content from others.









In principle, you can pin anything that interests you or that you are passionate about. You can create a separate board for each topic.

But if you also want to make some money with Pinterest, don’t just pin all sorts of things so that chaos arises on your pinboard. Keep your dashboard organized. A beautiful, uncluttered dashboard is much more attractive to follow than a bunch of erratic ones.

Followers are incredibly important when it comes to making money with Pinterest.







But how do you ensure that your Pins are seen and that people will follow you?



  1. Create a board on a topic that is often searched for. You can check this by typing in different topics on Pinterest and then checking the statistics. Fashion and beauty-related subjects, for example, are doing very well.
  2. If you have chosen your topic, you can specify it by creating different boards with sub-topics. Example: your subject is interior. Then you can create a separate board for every room in the house. So keep you organized and reach more people.
  3. Cheating! Attractively design your dashboard. You can get inspiration by simply looking at other popular Pinterest accounts.
  4. Get inspiration from popular Pinterest accounts
  5. Add several new Pins daily to increase your visibility with an emphasis on spread throughout the day. You don’t want to add 50 new Pins in ten minutes. Your followers don’t like that.
  6. Make sure your pins are beautiful and attractive. Appearance is significant on Pinterest.
  7. Also, follow signs within your topic to become more visible in your industry.
  8. Note: don’t follow too many other boards and accounts at once. Pinterest may think it’s spam.
  9. Like and Re-pin: this is the pin of something that someone else has already pinned. It increases your visibility.
  10. Share with other social media channels that you can also be followed on Pinterest. Family and friends will probably want to click follow for you.
  11. Use professional planning platforms such as Tailwind and Canva for Pin creation, pin scheduling, and analytics




Do keyword research based on your topic. You can conduct keyword research by using specific tools such as JAAXY. This way, you find out what people are looking for within your subject.

Process the keywords you want to be found for in your title and descriptions under your pins. Be specific because you only have about 100 words here. If you use the right keywords, you will become much more visible.











Making money with affiliate marketing is an excellent option on Pinterest. It means that you ask your followers to buy a specific product or service through affiliate links included in your Pins.


By registering on affiliate networks  ( ShareASale for example) you can see which affiliate companies and links you can use. You place this link in your pin so that when someone clicks on it, this person is forwarded to the page of the relevant company.


An affiliate link can generate money when it is clicked on when it leads to a sale or leads to a lead. For example, by lead, I mean that the follower leaves his email address.


Keep in mind that you only want to use affiliate links from companies that also fit your board. Don’t promote athletic shoes if you have a sign about gardening. You don’t want to lose followers. The more followers you have, the more people will see your pins and click on your affiliate link.

Don’t be too eager with affiliate links, there’s no need to place them in every pin you publish.

“Don’t become an affiliate spammer. Pinterest doesn’t like that. And your followers don’t like that either.


You can also notify your followers that you have posted an affiliate link in a Pin. Pinterest likes this, and your followers like that. Transparency confirms confidence, and followers want to follow you.






If you have your own products or services, you can, of course, also promote them on Pinterest.

Are you a writer? Entertain your followers with insightful information about your book or characters. Are you a personal trainer? Post motivational quotes. Do you have a webshop with clothing? Post photos of your latest items.


  1. Don’t just offer your followers Pins that lead to your website. Also, entertain them with content that is not directly linked to your website but is interesting for your followers. This way, you can bind followers betterYou not only try to sell them something, but you entertain them and actually give them information about their area of ​​interest.
  2. Are you placing a pin that does promote your product or service? Do this in an attractive way. Tell the followers the benefits of your product or service and send them to your website. Make sure this website is user-friendly, with a clear call-to-action so that the follower knows immediately where your product can be bought.






Have you created a Pinterest board about a popular topic, and have you already collected many pins and followers? From a few thousand followers, you become attractive to marketers. It is, therefore, possible that marketers will approach you themselves to promote certain products.


For example, you have a Pinterest account with boards about fitness, getting fit, and eating healthy. If you have a few thousand followers, you will become attractive to marketers working in the sports industry. So you can be asked for a fee for some sports drink to promote through your Pinterest account.


But you can also contact companies that may be interested in a collaboration. Only ask companies that fit your plate. And make sure you have a few 1000 loyal followers. For example, you can approach a company with fitness products. With the statistics on Pinterest, you can show how many followers you have and that this loyal following willingly clicks on your links. It’s interesting for companies. In exchange for a fee, you can start promoting specific products.


Whether you have your own company or want to inspire people with your passion, you can earn nice pocket money through Pinterest. First, determine whether Pinterest is a suitable medium for you because of its high visual content. Just like with any other social media platform, it takes time to create a loyal following, but in the end, this can generate money.







You can earn passive income on the Pinterest in several ways. However, you have to accept the truth that it doesn’t happen overnight. First, make the foundation properly; your Pinterest account and profile, Pin creation, and board creation. After that, regular, daily pinning using planning platforms such as Tailwind. Step by step, you can join some Pinterest groups and increase your followers.

In that stage, you have all the opportunities to start making passive income. The easiest and affordable way for that is affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Writing blogs and adding into them affiliate links from the popular merchants within your niche(your interest area), including those affiliate links to your Pins and publishing them, and BANG, the miracle will happen.

If you choose affiliate marketing on Pinterest, your money-making method, I highly recommend joining a professional affiliate training platform, such as Wealthy Affiliate. It will fasten your online success on Pinterest remarkably.


I’ve talked about other options too, but it’s all on you what your choice is.
Look around what other pinners and marketers are doing, leverage the pros and avoid the cons. Get personal training from pro marketers, and make connections. Then only the sky is the limit.










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  1. I do have a Pinterest account and I put everything on there.  You can earn income by it.  People look for things on the interest, if you have a link there and they want it, you might be able to make a sale.  My first sale off my website was from someone who saw something of mine on Pinterest.  It is worth the effort.

    1. When speaking about affiliate marketing on Pinterest, the money-making method is quite straightforward. You have a blog, you join affiliate programs where you find products near your niche or interest, and you add affiliate links to your site. After that, you include your website address on your Pin, where followers find those links and make a click. The first sale is the best sale!

  2. Very interesting article. I didn’t realize how important Pinterest could be as a tool for driving traffic to my websites until recently. Once I started using Pinterest I noticed a significant increase in my website traffic which as an affiliate marketer myself, traffic is key. I love your straightforward approach, and you laid it out so any newbie would be able to give Pinterest a go. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

    1. Hi, Deborah

      You have already experienced how Pinterest acts as a traffic generator. When you create fascinating, fresh Pins, the number of your followers increases rapidly, and the traffic on your site the same way. The steps for that aren’t so complicated but you have to know how to act the right way. All the best with your Pinterest business!

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