How to create Pins On Pinterest


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How to create pins on Pinterest is an essential skill that is worth learning carefully and constantly developing. People’s interest in Pinterest is primarily based on Pins’ attractive and stylish look along with good content. The more fascinating your Pins are, the more traffic you get into your account.



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How to create Pins on Pinterest
How to create Pins on Pinterest

Add Pins to your Pinterest boards


Pinterest is all about pictures. So the most important thing is that your images stand out and are attractive so that people will want to repin and click on them. So don’t forget to always add a link to your website with your pins! How do you make perfect pins? Below are several tips on how to make good pins. There are several ways to add Pins to your Pinterest boards.



1. Use vertical pins


On Pinterest, all Pins are shown in a fixed width. As a result, vertical pins stand out better. Horizontal pins, therefore, become very small and also receive much fewer repins.

Make sure your images are Pinterest-friendly. That means vertical images!



The Ideal Pinterest Image size in 2021

  • 2:3 ratio 1000px X 1500 px is most suitable
  • 2:3 ratio 600px X 900 px is quite popular
  • the maximum size is ratio 1:2:1 1000px X 2100 px


Tailwind has a reasonable conclusion about image sizes, check it out here.



 2. Place text on your images





Pins with an appealing text stand out. Most people do not read the description of a pin. So you have to draw attention to the text on your image. This text should stimulate and make people curious to click through to your website or repin your pin.


 3.Use good quality photos



Be consistent in the design of your Pins. That looks professional, but it also makes people recognize your Pins. As soon as they see such a Pin, they immediately know it is yours. Light images generally do better on Pinterest.

Make your Pins look professional by using good quality photos. Canva is a handy program for creating pins and has a standard Pinterest template.


4. Share evergreen content


Nobody wants selfies or photos of your cat on Pinterest. You have Facebook or Instagram for that. People are looking for ideas, information, and inspiration that will help them. Also, share evergreen content, so content that is not time-bound. Pins can still be found and repped years later. Then it is helpful if that information is still relevant.


5.Optimizing Pins for SEO


The description of your Pins is essential for your SEO, so to be found. People mainly rely on the image because hardly anything of the description is shown. People don’t see the description until they actually click the pin. So use this space mainly to add keywords that you want to be found on. And also, use hashtags to be found even better.



How can you add Pins to your Pinterest boards?



You can pin photos that you come across on the internet and place them on your own boards. You can also repin your favorite photos on Pinterest and place them on your own board. With the pin button, you can also pin images from your own website to one of your online pinboards. The URL of your website will then be automatically linked here. This way, you can also get visitors to your website.



You can pin an image in several ways and add it to one of your boards:

  • Save images directly to Pinterest from a website.
  • Upload your own images directly to Pinterest.
  • By adding a special ‘Pin button’ to your browser.
  • Repin.


You can upload JPG, PNG, and GIF files. If you want to save a video, you must first upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and then save it to Pinterest.


Repin images on Pinterest



Most people search for Pinterest images and add them to one of their own boards by repinning it.

  • Hover over the pin or click on the Pin to view more details.
  • Click the arrow to open a menu with your boards.
  • Choose one of your boards and click on ‘Save.’


Add images that aren’t on Pinterest



You can also save images that are not on Pinterest on your Pinterest boards. You can add Pins by uploading them directly from your computer. You can also add images that you come across on the internet as Pins on one of your boards.


To save a Pin without the browser button:


  • Click on   in the top right corner of Pinterest and choose  ‘Save from website.’


  • Type in the URL of the website.
  • Choose an image to create a Pin and click ‘ Save.’
  • Add or edit a description.
  • Choose the board on which you want to save your pin.


To upload an image from your computer:


  1. Click on   at the top right of Pinterest and click on ‘create pin.’
  2. Click on ‘ Upload image’ and find the file on your computer.
  3. Choose your pin board and add a description.
  4. Click on ‘ Save.’



Add pins with the browser button



The easiest way to add images to Pinterest is to install the browser button.

  • Install the Pinterest browser button if you haven’t already.
  • Click the browser button (Pinterest logo) in the toolbar of your browser.
  • Choose the image that you want to pin and click on ‘Save.’
  • Add or edit a description.
  • Choose the board on which you want to save this Pin.



How to make pinning more effective?






Different design platforms will help if you want to produce much content (Pins) rapidly on your own Pinterest account. Pin creation and Pin scheduling are specific services of design platforms. Tailwind is a design platform that Pinterest has “authorized” as an official design platform for Pinterest users.


Tailwind has functional systems for Pin creation and automated Pin scheduling. When you transfer a few photos of your own to the Pin creator, it establishes dozens of different Pin images to choose the best.


The only thing you have to do is add a Pin description.


The automated Pin scheduling schedules your Pin drafts established in the best possible time and time queue that can be even several weeks ahead. When you combine the Tailwind Pin Creator and Pin Scheduling, you can establish hundreds of Pins for a specified period of up to an hour.


You can imagine what a tool this is to getting traffic to your account very effectively. If you use Pinterest for your business, automated design systems give you a vantage to get your business flourishing.


Tailwind offers a free one-month trial, and I highly recommend you to explore its potential.


That’s all for now. I hope you’ve gotten answers and tips to your questions.





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