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8 reasons to use Tailwind on Pinterest
8 reasons to use Tailwind on Pinterest



In this article, I point out 6 reasons to use Tailwind on Pinterest. Many Pinterest users find it challenging to create and distribute Pins. By this, I mean that Pinterest rules forbid the creation of the same pins repeatedly, and it’s hard to control when you create Pins manually. I use Tailwind on Pinterest, Pin creation, and scheduling system to ensure that I deliver only fresh Pins.

I love Pinterest and using a proper planning tool, and it has been possible to grow my blog traffic significantly within a few months. I’m convinced that the growth will continue accordingly.

But to be fair, I would never have achieved this growth without a handy planning tool. A useful planning tool helps you choose the right times to post and offers many more benefits.

I want to tell you more about the benefits of a useful planning tool and show you which planning tool I use for Pinterest.


Tailwind = the planning tool for Pinterest


If you are going to use a Pinterest planning tool, make sure it is an officially approved Pinterest tool.

If you use a planning tool that has not been approved, you run the risk of a block on Pinterest.

There are several planning tools for Pinterest, but the most popular and versatile embedding tool is Tailwind.

Not only is Tailwind’s system straightforward to understand, but they are also in close contact with Pinterest, and you are the first to be informed of changes.

They regularly inform you with handy blogs and webinars about new developments within Pinterest, so you also stay well informed.

Would you like to try Tailwind for free for a month? It’s possible via this unique link.  so we can both use Tailwind for a month for free.


Advantages of the Pinterest planning tool


Of course, you can also manually schedule everything on Pinterest. But since you have to pin a lot to grow on Pinterest, I don’t recommend this.

Besides, with a manual PIN, you run the risk of saving the same images too often. It can be a reason for getting blocked on Pinterest. Tailwind protects you against this so that the chance of a block on Pinterest is smaller.









1.Pins are scheduled at the correct time,best-times-pins-Pinterest


To grow on Pinterest, it is crucial that you schedule pins on Pinterest several times a day, at the time when your target audience is most active.

Of course, you can do this manually several times a day, but this takes much time. On Pinterest itself, you can plan up to 30 pins in advance, but you don’t know the right time when your followers are active.

Tailwind automatically calculates these times for you, and you can schedule up to hundreds of pins. For example, you can schedule all Pins for the coming period once a week or once a month, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


2.Pins continue during your vacation    


Automatically schedule Pinterest

During your holiday, you have something else on your mind other than keeping up with your social media. But how nice would it be if your Pins are already scheduled for this period?

Because you can schedule up to hundreds of pins via Tailwind, you can easily ensure that your Pinterest account continues during your holiday.


3.Tailwind protects you against a block on Pinterest


Pinterest is very alert to spam accounts. When you keep an image often or too much on the same board, you run the risk of being blocked.

Tailwind takes this into account and checks for you when you last used the same link and image. Do you keep the image too often? Then you will receive a warning.

With a manual PIN, you are not protected against this, and you have to keep track of all this manually; this takes much time.

Until the end of 2019, it was good to repin the same pins regularly, and for this, you could use the ‘smartloop’ option in Tailwind. I recommend that you no longer use this option as it is at odds with Pinterest’s policies.


4.Easily schedule on multiple boards on Pinterest


While repinning the same Pin on the same board can cause a blocked Pinterest account, keeping the same Pin on multiple boards is good for your visibility.

Pinterest arranges for you to save your image on multiple boards at an interval with one push of a button. You don’t have to worry about it yourself, and this saves much time.


5.Reach even more people with Communities


This is a function that I should use more often myself, but you can easily reach a new target group via communities in Tailwind.

At the same time, you can easily find new content here to share with your followers.


6.Tailwinds Pin creation tool


You no longer need a professional designer to create fascinating Pins. In one magical click, transform your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas. The only thing you have to do is insert your web URL and your Pin’s title and choose a few suitable photos. After that, the Tailwind Pin creator produces tens of Pin images, and you can select the best of them to use.

My experience is that Tailwind Pin Creator is the fastest planning tool for creating new fresh Pins. After setting the required information, you get a queue of personalized Pin design ideas in few seconds.






There are numerous creation tools for Pinterest out there, but there is only one platform that Pinterest has officially approved, and that’s Tailwind. The risk of a block on Pinterest might be more prominent within not-approved platforms.

Creation and scheduling of Pins are both excellent tools, especially for Business account users. Saving time and effort is significant, and ensuring compliance with the rules is vital to online business.

Joining Tailwind Tribes is a great possibility to increase interaction in addition to Pinterest groups. Getting to know fellow users and learning from others is the key to developing your operations on Pinterest.

Tailwind’s insightful analytics function makes it possible to see what is working with Top Pin Report, Pin Inspector, and Board Insights.

What are you waiting for? Get started quickly and try Tailwind for free a month.  

You are not committed to anything, so if you do not like it (which I cannot imagine), then you simply stop again.


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